Fiskars Folding Ruler 6″ x 24″


Fiskars Folding ruler is a great addition if space is an an issue or you want to take a large ruler to classes – please note that if you intend to use the ruler whilst it is closed, you will need to have a 60mm rotary cutter in order for the cutter to have enough depth to reach the fabric. Opens out to 6 x 24 inches. Folds down to 6 x 8 inches, for storage or transportation. Ideal for cutting fabric strips or squares directly from the bolt. Two tone markings ensure visibility on both dark and light fabrics. 30 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree angle lines make it easy to cut precise angles. Made of 2.4mm thick, premium quality clear acrylic for lasting durability. Lifetime warranty. Imperial measurements

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